• Leaving better than when you came in

Reasons why People should pick up Boxing

Reasons why people should consider picking up Boxing Living in a vibrant city like Singapore can be stressful due to school or work. Beyond being just a sport, boxing offers a plethora of physical, mental, and social benefits that are particularly valuable for anyone looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle and integrate into the local

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How Prithiv Boxing Club came Alive!

How we got Started with Prithiv Boxing Club Coaching boxing started initially started for me because i needed the funds to pay for my university fees, And i was always passionate about teaching the sport that i spent decades mastering But first, here’s more about my boxing journey (prithiv raaj) Growing up, I was a

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Personal Training and its Benefits (Prithiv Boxing Club)

PBC’s motto is “leaving better than when you came in”

We guarantee this for you…

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