• Leaving better than when you came in

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Prithiv Boxing Club

Group Boxing Classes

Leaving better than when you came in

About our classes

3 Styles of Classes at PBC

To ensure that we're able to nurture and over-deliver on value to our PBC members, these are the 3 different classes which we're conducting!

PBC's Signature Boxing Class

Learn the ins and outs of Boxing under the watchful eyes of our very own PBC Coaches!

PBC's Trial Boxing Class

New to Boxing? This session will show you what we're all about, and serve as an eye-opener!

PBC's Sparring Class

Perfect for the courageous souls who wish to push the limits and taste some leather!

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More Details about our Group Classes

PBC's Signature Boxing Class

Daily from Monday to Saturday!

  • Perfect for all levels of boxers from
  • beginners to novices to aspiring fighters
  • as long as you're willing to break a sweat!
PBC's Sparring Class

Happens on Friday at 7:30pm!

  • Come work on application of your
  • boxing skills from our PBC's Signature
  • Classes to really level up!
PBC's Beginner Only Trial Boxing Class

Happens on Saturday Mornings at 11am!

  • This session will show you what we're all about
  • and let you experience firsthand what we mean by:
  • "Leaving better than when you came in"