Benefits of Personal Training

Personal Training is where we get ultra-technical and tailor the sessions to you and what you need to work on to become the best boxer you can be.

"Leaving better than when you came in"

PBC's motto is "leaving better than when you came in". In personal training sessions we guarantee this principle for you. The goal in personal training sessions is to improve your punching power, ability to land punches, defend against punches and counter punch!

1. "Mass X Acceleration = Power"

We've seen people walk into the gym in all shapes, sizes, abilities and we truly believe everyone is capable of hitting hard - and we mean EVERYONE.

The equation to power is mass X acceleration. Mass in boxing is the amount of weight that you can put behind the punch and we attain this through perfecting your punching form to ensure you are able to maximize the leverage you put into each punch while keeping a sturdy balance and an unaltered boxing stance. Acceleration is how quick you can land the punch and we attain this goal through hitting the punching mitts according to the coach’s speed and timing

2. Landing Punches

We like to think of punching power as being akin to having a bazooka cannon.

A bazooka cannon is lethal and can do serious damage. However without having the ability to land the shot at its destination, it is simply useless.

Similarly, if you can punch hard but can’t land the punch, it is as good as not being able to punch at all. It takes skill and precision to land punches.

In these sessions we teach how to land punches with feints, set ups, positioning while enhancing your punching accuracy through punching the mitts/pads.

If you can punch hard and land punches but can’t defend against punches coming your way, you are always beatable in the ring and are an incomplete pugilist.

3. Defense is the Best Offense

To have good defense, you need anticipation, reflexes, punch recognition, correct defensive technique and practice.

In boxing, you may defend punches with your legs, arms/hands, shoulders, neck and head movement (also known as torso movement).

In these sessions, we will teach and perfect each of the defensive techniques and understand when and how to use them.

Additionally, during the session we will “punch-slap” you with our mitts similar to how real punches come (without the hard impact), and this practices your anticipation throughout the rounds, as the hits may come at any moment from your coach.

This in turn works on your reflexes to react to the swings coming in your direction and assists you to recognize punches and the correct defensive techniques to utilize for each punch in a safe practicing space.

4. Counter Punching

A good fighter can hit and not get hit.

A GREAT fighter can hit and not get hit but also counter punch.

Counter punching is punching your opponent after they’re done with their punch (basic counter punching) or during their punch (advance counter punching).

In the sessions, we teach different types of counter punches to land, when to use them and how to execute them.

Furthermore, we teach how to set traps to execute the counter punches. A master counter puncher beats a slugger any day of the week!

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